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Our Mission Statement

The Skin-Tech Wellness Center was formed to provide sufferers of chronic skin ailments with a better quality of life... relief from the discomfort, pain, and embarassment of psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo.

We have worked extremely hard to provide you with the absolute finest of treatments researched to date. Unfortunately, the best minds in medicine have not been able to develop a cure for these stubborn conditions but we are proud to say that Skin-Tech has provided relief to over 250,000 clients in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Asia, and Europe.

Skin-Tech clients achieve a better quality of life through support, education, and guidance, along with safe and effective treatments that pose absolutely no threat to their health or well-being (unlike treatments that contain steroids or require injections).

The Skin-Tech Wellness Center dedicates the information on this web site to all who suffer from physically and emotionally trying skin disorders. We are very happy to bring you treatments that we have not only used on ourselves, our families, and our friends with great success, but treatments that have also brought relief to over 85%* of our clients since 1998.

* Statistics are based on counselor-to-client surveys and consultations.

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